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The perfect take-off to a career in Aviation !

Skyline Aviation was established in April 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs, professional aviators, and enthusiasts who had a passion for flying. The main aim of the company was to infuse that same passion into new recruits, training them to become professional and world-class pilots.

Skyline Aviation (Pvt.) Ltd - Flying Training Academy is a 100% privately owned Board of Investment (BOI) approved project and is the only fully-approved flying training academy in Sri Lanka, with a comprehensive approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.

Situated at Sri Lanka’s main domestic airport on the outskirts of the capital Colombo, the Flying Training Academy boasts some of the best talent and experience in the aviation industry; be it flight training instructors, engineering, and ground support personnel. Skyline also has some of the best and most modern trainer aircraft, simulators, training equipment, and fully equipped ground-level classrooms.

Teaching is a noble profession, and Skyline is committed to providing the best training available, imparting to the students the same degree of knowledge in every subject that their team of lecturers and specialists have. Skyline's aviation education programs are taught by experienced professionals, whose wealth of practical experience provides an invaluable resource for enriching class interaction. They use their skills in seminars, presentations, discussions and other participation-oriented teaching methods, to promote the understanding of concepts learned.

The stringent quality policies and well set-out curricula have put Skyline on the aviation map of Sri Lanka - gaining the company an unparalleled reputation for producing top quality pilots, both at examinations and performance in the air.

At Skyline, what we do - and do best - is teach the science, practice and business of Aviation !