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 A Globally Recognised Professional Qualification which is guaranteed to open the doors of opportunity in the ever evolving Global Aviation Industry. 

Successful completion of the programme and the award of the Diploma in Aviation Management makes the holder eligible to append the abbreviated form of the qualification "Dip. Aviation Mgt.”
The Diploma program is quality assured byPearson UK and the Diploma certificate will be issued by Pearson UK.
About the Programme
This exciting new programme has been developed in accordance with the demands and challenges faced in the ever evolving, dynamic environment of the modern global Aviation industry.
The course aims to reflect the changes inherent in the aviation industry and prepare students with the requisite skills and knowledge required to take on responsible roles in the field of aviation.
The programme curriculum while being very comprehensive and covering diverse segments of the industry, is futuristic in its composition and will be fully responsive to the changes occurring in the aviation industry. It retains the provision to change curricular aspects of the programme as it progresses.
The diverse nature of the programme includes field trips, external training and interactive sessions, while knowledge testing will take place via written and presentation assessments.
The course also builds in several hours of flying - A Global First !  - A feature not found in any Internationally recognised Diploma - to give the candidate the true and exhilarating feel of aviation, as well as an opportunity to progress into professional private and commercial flying if he or she wishes to later on.
For Whom ?  Am I eligible ? 
The course is not only aimed at school leavers post O/L or A/L who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills and thereby, build an employability profile to avail themselves of an opportunity to gain employment in the aviation sector. It is equally geared towards those already employed in the aviation sector and who wish to acquire further knowledge, enhance their skills and understanding of the dynamic environment of the aviation industry, the changes and emerging trends within the industry and to equip themselves with a qualification that will enable them seek opportunities in career advancement.
This award is highly recommended for those aspiring to follow an exciting programme  of study which has been developed by a team of industry professionals after extensive research into the evolving needs of the aviation industry.
Students graduating from this programme will be highly sought after in the aviation industry.

Pre-requisites for the programme

Those aspiring to follow the course are expected to have a genuine interest in developing both their theoretical and practical knowledge of the aviation industry and the skills necessary to work in it.

The student needs to be prepared to take on responsibility for their learning and be willing to work both individually as well as in a team and to participate fully in course activities in order to gain the full benefit of learning.

Educational Qualifications

Six passes at O/L which should include a mandatory credit pass in English and an additional credit pass in either Maths or Science
Two passes at A/L with a mandatory credit pass in English at O/L
An equivalent qualification
Two years working experience in the Aviation industry
An Interview with the resource panel